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Fleet Programs

Keep your fleet looking Mint 7 days a week

Are you a small local business or a large commercial operator that needs to make sure that your FLEET is looking MINT for your customers? Mint Smartwash has the perfect solution to help you keep your vehicles clean, dry and shiny every day of the week, all year long. While we believe we provide a premium car wash experience and friendly customer service, maybe one of the most important factors for our fleet customers is that we get you in and out FAST. From the time you pay to the time you exit is 5 minutes or less.Β 

How it works

Please review our COMMERCIAL FLEET Program brochure and contact us by phone or email to decide on which size of FLEET package will work for your business (Fleet-Program-Rack-Card). Once you decide on the Fleet package that will suit your business we can distribute your washes in one of two ways: either by providing you with a spreadsheet of individual wash codes, which you can distribute however you would like, or by providing you with RFID tags for each one of your fleet vehicles that will be linked to your account. When you run low you can either purchase additional washes or allow your washes to run out.

Fleet vehicle restrictions

We can handle just about any conventional fleet vehicle in our wash tunnel, however below are some quick reference tips for some of the restrictions of our wash tunnel:

  • Max. Height – 7 ft 3 in (2.2m)
  • Max. Wheel/Tire Width – 13” (No ‘Dualies’)
  • Truck Boxes – Need to be cleaned out and free of tools or debris
  • Slip Tanks – Allowed but fuel hoses must be detached and not left loose in the bed of the truck
  • Tool Boxes – Allowed but must be closed and locked
  • Ladder Racks – Sorry we cannot wash trucks with ladder or pipe racks on top of the vehicle
  • Decals- At owners risk. We wash lots of vehicles with decals and wraps with no problem.

If you are unsure if your fleet vehicle will fit in our wash tunnel please stop in or give us a call and one of our friendly wash associates will address your concerns.

Fleet Program - Pricing Information